Biographies of Garland Maine Citizens

The following two notices are from the Bowdoin College Roll of Honor, in the Adjutant-General’s reports during the late war:

Class of 1861 — William A. HOBBIE, born in Garland, October 1837; served in the Army of the Tennessee under General Sherman, in the Sixteenth Iowa.

Leander O. MERRIAM, born in Garland, May 1843; left his junior year; and returned to finish his course in the next class; Sergeant Major Thirty-First Maine; was wounded.

Peter THAYER was born in the town of Wrentham, Worcester County, Massachusetts, whree he lived until he married and then moved to Alstead, New Hampshire. He lived there about twenty-five years and then moved to the town of Acworth, where he remained until about seventy years of age, when he went to Keysville, New York, where he died. His wife was Abigail BLAKE, born in Wrentham, Worcester County, Massachusetts. The Rev. Peter Blake THAYER is the seventh child in the family, and was born in the town of Alstead, New Hampshire, February 29, 1816. While a youth he worked at farming, and when he became older pursued a course of studies for the purpose of becoming a clergyman, and in the year 1848 he was ordained and since that time has been the past of the Conly Street church, of this place. He was a graduate of the seminary at Bangor in the year 1847. The names of the other children of Peter THAYER were: Lucy, deceaseed; Nancy, deceased; Fisher, Warren, Abigail, dead; Hulda, Belinda. Rev. Peter B. THAYER was married to Miss Mary F. KENT in the year 1847, and has one son, Harry B., married to Miss Eva SAWYER, and has one child, a daughter. Mr. Thayer’s wife was a daughter of Amaria KENT and Lucy PHELPS KENT.

Moses B. FOSTER was born in the town of Gray, Cumberland County, Maine, October 17, 1812, where he has passed his life thus far. He was married in 1836 to Miss E. A. BENSON, who was also born at Gray and still shares his life. Their eldest son, Rev. Caleb C. FOSTER, was born April 12, 1837, and during his early youth worked at masonry. As he attained toward his majority he evinced a desire to studywith the object of becoming a minister in the Free-Will Baptist church, which high calling he now follows. He finished his studies at the theological school at New Hampton, New Hampshire. Other children of Moses B. FOSTER were S. J., deceased; Samuel H.; Emma A.; Hannah E.; Dr. A. M.; Eliza E. Samuel H. was a member of Company K, commanded by Captain FURBISH, and served throughout the war, returning unharmed. Rev. Caleb FOSTER was married July 14, 1869 to Miss Annah FLANDERS, daughter of Ezekiel and Rosilla K. GLIDDEN FLANDERS, by whom he has three children living and three deceased: Charles E.; Frank W., deceased; Emma L., deceased; Frederick W., deceased; Laura A. and George A.

Samuel COAN was born in 1813, in Castine, Maine, and when six years of age accompanied his parents to Exeter, where he resided thirty-three years. He then removed to Garland, where he now lives. His wife was Hannah M. SKINNER, who was born in Brewer. They were married in 1836, and she died in Garland in 1857, aged forty-two years. Mr. COAN married for a second wife Ann Sophia SKINNER, who is now living, aged sixty-seven years. Elisha S. COAN was the third child of the family, and was born in Exeter in 1843. The remaining children of Samuel COAN were: Leander s., Adelaide, Fred C., Alfred S., Mary A. and Clara S. Elisha S. COAN worked at farming when a youth, and at the age of nineteen enlisted and served three years in the late war, returning unharmed. He then studied medicine and became a practicing physician. He was married in 1871 to Mary A. SWETT, daughter of Noah and Nancy WHEELER SWETT, by whom he has four children — Newton G., Marion, Anna E., and an infant. Dr. Coan was Supervisor of School at Bradford one year, and is now a member of the Schools Committee of Garland the second year.

The father of Daniel E. KNIGHT was born in Parsonfield in 1816, and when five years of age came with his parents to Garland, where he yet lives. His wife was Lydia A. JOHNSON, also born in Parsonfield in the year 1825, to whom he was married in 1843. Daniel E. KNIGHT, the only son, was born in Garland in 1864 and was married December 13, 1874 to Angie E. PAGE, of Charlestown, Maine, daughter of Calvin D. and Sarah E. PAGE. To Mr. and Mrs. KNIGHT has been born one son, Harold E., now five years of age. Mr. KNIGHT was brought up on a farm, but is now engaged in mercantile pursuits.

The father of George S. CLARK was born in the town of Old Clinton, Kennebec County, Maine, in 1810. When about thirty-five years of age he removed to Corinna, and eight years later to Garland, where he died in 1866. He was by trade a book and shoe-maker. His wife was Abigail WEEKS, born in Old Clinton, and married to Mr. CLARK in 1830; she died in 1835. George S. CLARK was the oldest child in the family, and was born in 1832. The remaining children were: Mary Ann, James H., Sarah, Joseph and Ellen. George S. was married September 20, 1860 to Susan H. HASKELL, daughter of Bildad A. and Rebecca (MAYHEW) HASKELL. Mr. CLARK is by trade a boot and shoe-maker. He is now Town Clerk which office he has held for eighteen years. In 1877 he was a member of the State Legislature.

The father of Llewellyn O. OAKS waws born in Sangerville in 1809, where he lived until a young man, when he moved to Cambridge, and some years later to Parkman, where he remained by five years; he then moved to Garland, where he now resides. He was married in Wellington to Lucy Ann E. FOLLETT, in 1829. Llewellyn was the third child and was born in Cambridge in 1824. His business has been farming and merchandizing. Other children were: Melvina E. and Amelia A. Llewellyn O. OAKS was married to Mary J. ADAMS, December 21, 1875, and has had three children — Maud B., Guy M. (deceased), and an infant, Claude. Mrs. OAKS is a daughter of Isaac and Lydia (BRYANT) ADAMS.

Arthur B. HASKELL was born in Garland, December 26, 1846, being the fourth child in the family. His brothers and sisters were Ellen M., Charles W., Woodbury T., Annie E., Samuel W., Sarah H., John, John (second) and Wilson. Arthur B. HASKELL was married to Rachel D. GREGORY, daughter of Edward H. and Elizabeth (MAYHEW) GREGORY, on the 5th day of June, 1876. They have one child. Mr. Haskell is engaged in the manufacture of furniture, coffins, caskets, etc. His father was born in Garland in 1822, and still resides here. He is a carriage manufacturer. His wife was Mary B. SARGENT who was born in Searsport about the year 1822.

Lebbeus OAK was born in Boscawen, New Hampshire December 13, 1821 and when five years of age was brought to Exeter, and after three years to Garland, where he yet resides, engaged in harness manufacturing. He was married to Sarah E. MERRIAM in 1844, and has four children: Henry L., unmarried; Ora, married to Miss Bertha MILLETT, and has no children; Addie S., unmarried; Orman, married to Belle HASKELL, and has one child. Mrs. OAK’s parents were Josiah and Sarah (HILL) MERRIAM, both deceased.

Abel GOULD was born in Unity, Maine in 1816. When sixteen years of age he removed to Corinth, and a few years later to Charlestown, where he was married and where he died in 1869, March 16. His wife was Catharine SMITH, born in Belmont, Maine, in 1822 and who survives her husband. Their children were Lorenzo, Gershom L., Albert S., Esther J., Daniel W., Abel W., Francis H., Freland W., Katie E. and Georgie A. Albert S. GOULD, the third child, was born in Charlestown, May 5, 1846, and was married March 1, 1871 to Sarah A. GOULD, of Dixmont, daughter of Joshua and Sarah (DAVIS) GOULD.

Elizur BURNHAM was born at Scarboro, Maine, February 22, 1809. When about twenty years of age he moved to Garland, where he now resides. He married Matilda P. BUXTON, of Albion, in 1832, and she died in thirteen months. In 1837 he married Mary Ann Ridout, who died in 1863, aged forty-seven years. Their children were Matilda P., deceased; Mary W., married Lyman E. RICHARDSON, who enlisted under Colonel Charles JAMESON, in the Second Maine Regiment in the Rebellion; served as Second Lieutenant of Company E three months, was wounded in the first battle of Bull Run, and died from the effect of his wound on the 4th of August, 1861; his remains were brought home a year later and buried by the volunteer company of the town. The third child of Elizur BURNHAM was Charles F.; then followed Mary W., who married Mr. RICHARDSON, since deceased. His brothers were Stephen B., Chauncey S., and Christopher C. Mrs. Richardson is a member of the Freewill Baptist Church, with which she has been connected for twenty-eight years. The father of Mrs. RICHARDSON, Daniel RICHARDSON, was born at Rumford, Maine, May 13, 1797 and is still living. His wife was Augusta A. TYLER, who died at Augusta, Maine.

David FOGG was born in Deerfield, New Hampshire, in the year 1804, and moved from there when he was seventeen years of age and settled in the town of Garland, where he now resides, at the age of seventy-seven years. His wife was Emeline H. NORCROSS, born in the town of Charlestown, Penobscot County, Maine, where she lived until nineteen years of age, and was married in the year 1832. After marriage they settled in Garland, where she lived until she died at the age of sixty-two years. Jason Thayer FOGG was born in Garland the 24th of August, 1847. While a youth he worked at farming, since his marriage at harness manufacturing, and for the last two or three years in manufacturing egg carriers. Their children were Martha Ann, Lydia N., Granville W., Jennette A., and Albert D. Jason T. FOGG was married the 24th day of April, 1871 to Rosa B. YOUNG, and by this union has one child, a daughter, Gertrude E. His wife’s father’s name was Alvin P. YOUNG; her mother’s maiden name Lydia N. HANSON.

John JACKMAN was born in Massachusetts in 1784, and in the year 1806 he moved to Garland, where he passed the rest of his life and died in 1868, at the age of eighty-four years. His wife was Sally LEGROW, who was born in Bangor, and was there married. She died in the year 1839. Justus H. JACKMAN was the third child and was born in Garland in the year 1826. He was raised on a farm, and when a young man learned the blacksmith trade, at which he has since worked. Other children in the family were Patience, John, James, Sally, Joseph, Nancy and Jacob. Justus H. was married in 1847 to Jane G. FIELD, daughter of William and Jane (GOODWIN) FIELD, by whom he has had seven children, three of whom are now living.

Miss Susan Oak CURTIS and Miss Sarah A. CURTIS are contributors are some note to various papers and magazines. Their father is a native of Bristol, Maine and was born in 1804. When about twenty-two years of age he moved to Garland where he has since resided. He married Louisa S. ANGROVE in February 1831. She was born in Bangor in 1831, and was married at Brownville. Their children were Geroge, Jr., Charles, Julia H., Susan, Sarah A. and William A. Mr. CURTIS was a member of the State Legislature in 1850; has never aspired to local office and has never been elected to such offices.

The father of Albert S. BACHELDER was born in the town of Exeter, Maine in the year 1789, and lived there some fifteen or twenty years, when he moved to Garland and lived there until his death, in the year 1868, at the age of seventy-nine years. His wife was Rebecca HATCH who was born in the town of Cambridge, Maine in the year 1812. She died in Garland in the year 1850, aged about thirty-eight years. By this union they had four children, all of whom are living. Albert S. was born in the town of Garland in the year 1843. He was the second child in the family. The names of his brothers and sisters were: Edgar S. BACHELDER, Albert; Lonzo F.; Thomas G. Albert S. BACHELDER was married the 30th of September 1863 to Miss Mary RAND and by this union has two children — Nellie L. and Annie S. His business through life has been that of a millman and farmer. At present he is Superintendent of the Town Farm, and has been for two years. His wife’s father’s name was John RAND; her mother’s Laura JUMPER.

The father of Horace Lester GORDON was born in the town of Garland in the year 1808, June 6, where he is still living at the age of seventy-three years. His wife was Abigail CARD, born in the town of Bowdoinham, Maine on the 9th of September 1818 and is still living at the age of sixty-four years. They were married in the year 1835, and by this union have had three children, two of whom are now living. Horace, the oldest child, was born in Garland, June 28, 1837. His business is that of a machinist, which he is now carrying on at this town in all it’s various branches. The remaining children are: Pearl B., Etta. Horace Lester GORDON was married to Caroline GREELEY, July 3, 1860, and by this union has four children — May L., Walter L., Ralph P., Clifton F., who reside at home. His wife’s father’s name was Noah GREELEY; mother, Eliza Robinson.

William Sloan HASKELL was born in Garland September 24, 1814 and has always lived here. He is the fifth child in his father’s family, and was married to Ruth F. LAWERANO in the year 1837. She died in the year 1844. By this union they had four children: Ruth Ellen (dead), married to Sanford R. OAKS, William H., died in the army; he enlisted in the year 1861 in the Fourth Wisconsin Regiment and served about three years; he was wounded in the taking of Port Hudson, and died aged about twenty-three years. Augusta H., married to George W. HANDY, and has two children — Una H., and George Ellem; Bennett A., enlisted in the Second Maine Cavalry in the year 1863, died of disease at Pensacola, Florida, February 1865. Hr. HASKELL was married a second time — to Abby Folansburg FALES — October 25, 1855, and by this union they had four children, three of whom are now living: Mary A., died in infancy; Joseph A., May A., and Jennie A., all living at home. His wife’s father’s name was John FALES, her mother’s name Sally CARLTON. Mr. Haskell has held some of the town offices; was selectman for two years — 1854 and 1855.

The father of Jacob W. HASKELL was born in Gloucester, Maine, March 29, 1779. When about twenty-three years of age he came to Garland, where he died March 3, 1870, aged ninety-one years. He was by trade a cooper, but paid his attention to farming principally. He served a short time in the War of 1812. His wife was Sally MERRY, born in Rutland, Massachusetts, in 1782, July 3rd. She came to Garland when twenty-four years of age, and was there married. She died July 11, 1857. Jacob W. HASKELL was the sixth child and born in Garland October 25, 1817. The other members of the family were: Daniel M., John R., Natha A., Harry L., Sarah E. Jacob W. HASKELL was married March 10, 1842 to Mary T. BATES and had ten children: Martha E., died in infancy; Sara E. married to John H. DOE, and has one child; Joseph S., died in infancy; Samuel B., married Georgie DELANO, and ahs three children; Thomas B., unmarried; Luarce A., unmarried; J. Fremont, unmarried; George W., married; Mary Lizzie, unmarried; M. Mabel, unmarried. Mrs. HASKELL died, and for a second wife Mr. HASKELL married Mrs. Anna ELKINS, November 13, 1877. He has held several township offices but has not been a place-seeker.

Moses GORDON was born in Hopkinton, New Hampshire, February 15, 1780 and remained there until about twenty-five years of age when he removed to Garland, where he died September 22, 1877. His wife was Sarah SILVER, also born in Hopkinton, March 8, 1779. She died May 17, 1857. Albert G. GORDON was born in Garland, December 12, 1820. The other children were Savilla C., Amos G., Horace H., Samuel S., James P., and Moses G. Albert S. GORDON was married May 1, 1856 to Caroline BLANCHARD, daughter of Eben and Ann (SILVER) BLANCHARD. They have no family.

Constant SOUTHARD, a native of New Hampshire, settled in Corinna, where he died in 1863. His wife was Sally S. HICKS, by whom he had eleven children. William SOUTHARD was born in Corinna in 1809. His wife was Maria F. AMBROSE, by whom he has seven children. Merritt SOUTHARD was born in Corinna in 1843; graduated from the Brunswick Medical College in the class of 1870, since which time he has been in practice. His wife was Mary GREGORY, of Corinth. He has a large practice and is well known and respected by a large circle of friends.

Lyndon OAK is a son of Benjamin H. OAK, who came to Exeter in 1826. He was born in Winchester, New Hampshire in 1775, and died in Garland about 1843. His wife was Hannah SMITH. Other members of the family were S. H. OAK, H. L. OAK, Llewellyn OAK, Lyndon OAK, E.S. OAK. Lyndon OAK was born in Boscawen, New Hampshire and came to Penobscot County with his father when ten years of age. He has since that time lived in Garland. In 1846 he engaged at merchandizing, which business has continued until the present time. He has by enterprise and industry accumulated a fine property.

John WHITING was born in the town of Hartland, Maine, March 5, 1820, where he lived about fifteen years, when he moved to Garland, Maine, where he lived until his death October 15, 1880, at the age of sixty years and seven months. His business through life was a farmer. His wife was Tryphosa E. STEWART, born in the town of Alton, New Hampshire, September 30, 1821, where she lived about four years, and with her parents moved to the town of Garland, where she now resides at the age of sixty years. Charles H., the fourth child in the family, was born in Garland, March 15, 1850. His business is farming and teaching. The names of his brothers and sisters are Mary J., Fannie E., Andrew Bryce and Lizzie H. Charles H. WHITING was married March 14, 1877 to Miss Emma J. BROWN, and by this union have been born two children — Blanche M. and an infant child. Mrs. WHITING’s father’s name as James BROWN; her mother Mary R. SEAVEY, who lives with her daughter Mrs. WHITING. Mr. WHITING has held on State or county offices, but is now and has been for four years one of the School Committee of the town.

Henry MORRILL settled in Garland township in 1857. He married Margaret CHANDLER and they have three children. His life has been devoted to farming and he is one of the leading men of Garland. He is now one of the Selectmen of the town, and is respected by all who know him.

B. A. HASKELL was one of the first settlers in Garland, and a prominent man of the town. His business was that of a blacksmith, and he held the position of captain of militia previous to his death in 1869. His wife’s maiden name was Rebecca MAYHEW. Of their children, four are still living — Susan H. (CLARK), Garland; Frances K. (MITCHELL), Minneapolis, Minnesota; Jacob M., Boston and Andrew M. Andrew, the subject of this sketch, was born in Garland in 1819. At the age of fourteen he learned the trade of mason, and followed it for nine years. In 1842 he commenced the business of carriage-making and repairing, which he is still engaged in. For twenty-one years he held the office of Selectman in this town. He married Mary B. SARGENT, of Belfast, and they have seven children. He was engaged in the Aroostook war; and in the years 1870-71 was a member of the State Legislature, proving himself a valuable addition to that body.

Leonard HATHAWAY was born in Massachusetts in 1802, and settled in Maine in 1809. He was ordained as a Free-will Baptists minister in 1826, and preached for eight years in different parts of the State. He was one of those too rare men whose whole object is to do good to his fellow-men. He married Dorcas HARVEY, daughter of Jonathan HARVEY, and died in 1877. Of his children, four are living — Laura A. (MASON), Hannah H. (DAVIS), Leonard C. and Addie H. For his second wife he married Mary A. STONER, by whom he had three sons, one of whom is the Hon. Henry H. HATHAWAY. This whole family are worth representatives of America’s noblemen.

Zebulon KNIGHT was born in the town of Parsonfield, Maine in the year 1803, on the 21st day of June. He came to Garland in the year 1825, and lived there until he died August 8, 1865, at the age of sixty-two years, one month and eighteen days. His business through life was farming. His wife was Mary STAPLES, born in Kennebunk, Maine in 1801. They were married in the year 1825, and she died April 25, 1870, aged sixty-eight years, three months and twenty-one days. Zebulon KNIGHT was the second child in the family, and was born in Garland, April 19, 1828. His business through life was that of farmer, shoemaker and hotel proprietor. His brothers and sisters are Joseph T., Hanniel P., Sarah J. and Mary Ann. Zebulon KNIGHT was married August 17, 1851 to Harriet J. BARKER, and by this union they have three children Franklin P., Charles S., and Freddie, died in infancy. They have one adopted daughter, Sarah, aged fourteen years.

Jonathan Farrar CROWELL was born in the town of Exeter, Maine, November 17, 1830, where he lived until he was nineteen years of age. He then worked on the Penobscot river one year, and then went to Pennsylvania and worked about four years, after which he moved to Garland, where he now resides at the age of fifty-one years. His business has been lumbering, milling and farming. Mr. CROWELL owns the mills at Garland Centre. He has good substantial farm buildings. He was first married to Hannah Farrar RAND, daughter of John RAND and Laura (JUMPER) RAND. She died and he was married to his second wife Hannah F. SKILLIN October 6, 1867, and by this union has one child, Hannah A. CROWELL, age twelve years. Mrs. CROWELL’s father’s name was Samuel SKILLIN, her mother’s Elizabeth PLUMMER.

John DAVIS was born in the town of Lee, New Hampshire. His wife was Hannah Hanson, born at Lee, New Hampshire. Josiah DAVIS, their son, was married at the 26th day of November 1848 to Harriet M. WALKER, and by this union has four children: Isabell M. DAVIS, married to Arthur J. RICKER, Dover, Maine, now living in Cochituate, Massachusetts, one child named Grace A.; Hattie M., not married by resides at home; Charles L., not married, and resides at home. Mr. and Mrs. Davis are members of the Free-Will Baptist church, as is the daughter who resides at home. The eldest daughter is a member of the church where she resides.

Russell MURDOCK was born in Townshend, Vermont, in 1801 and in 1829 came to Garland, where he still resides. He married Eleanor BARTLETT, who was born in Garland, July 3, 1811 and died November 1, 1844. Their children were as follows: Maria, wife of Freeman BACON; Lydia, wife of Richard HENRY; Abby and Sarah B., not living; Eleanor and Henry. The subject of his sketch, Henry MURDOCK, was married January 3, 1866, to Emily J. FOSNETT of Northfield, Massachusetts, by whom he has six children, all living, viz.: Percy R., aged twelve years; Willis B., ten; Harry E., eight; Grace E., six; Blanche A., four; Arthur H., one year and a half. Mr. MURDOCK has been a member of the Congregational Church for seventeen years, and his wife has been a member for ten years. He has a good farm of 140 acres, with substantial buildings and one of the best orchards in the county.

Joseph TRUE’s father was born in Deerfield, New Hampshire, May 10, 1762, and moved to Garland in 1820, where he followed farming until his death March 2, 1839. He married Sarah BATCHELDER, who was born at Deerfield, New Hampshire, March 12, 1776 and died April 10, 1842. Their children were Betsey and Abraham, deceased; Sally, Mary, Nancy and Joseph, still living. Joseph, their fourth child, was born in Deerfield, June 18, 1801. July 1,1830, he married Eliza L. ADAMS, and has had eight children, three of whom are living, viz: Benza, married Sarah F. JONES, and has five children; Joseph L., married Ellen M. Abbott, and has one child; Mary D., resides at home. The names of those not now living are: Sarah P., who died June 12, 1851; Charlotte N., who died October 10, 1852; Mary E., who died September 13, 1841; Lucy, who died November 7, 1851; Eliza A., who died August 29, 1871. Mr. True married a second wife July 25, 1855; she is not now living, having died September 16, 1880. Mr. True was a member of the State Legislature in 1828-29. He was Selectman in 1829, and held the position of Town Treasurer one year. He is a member of the Congregational church and lives on a fine farm of about seventy acres near the village.

Benjamin OTIS was born in New Hampshire November 24, 1784, and died in Garland, January 15, 1863. His wife was Rosa HUSSEY, born in New Hampshire October 4, 1791, and died in Garland, June 3, 1868. Joel W. OTIS was the ninth child, and was born in Fairfield, Maine, November 10, 1824. In 1840 he removed to Garland, where he yet resides. He was married November 24,1847 to Francina A. POOLER, and had three children — Frank P., unmarried, resides at Norway, a lawyer; Frances L. married William K. HOLT; Joel W., resides at home, single. The remaining children of Benjamin OTIS are: Sally N., Cynthia A., Lydia R., Abigail P., Mary D., Benya P. (deceased), Reuben H., George W., Benya P., second (deceased) and Rosa C.

The father of Moses N. PARKER was born in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1783, where he remained until about thirty years of age, when he removed to Garland, where he lived until 1850. His wife was Nancy BIGELOW, also born in Worcester in 1790; she died October 10, 1875, aged eighty-five years. Their son Moses N. PARKER, was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, October 16, 1826 and lived there until about five years old, when his father and mother came to Garland, where he has since lived. He was married August 26, 1862, to Miss Sarah OLIVER, of Garland, and has no family. His brothers and sisters were: Elizabeth, Amasa, fell at the Battle of Vera Cruz in the Mexican War; Sarah, deceased when young; Sarah, second; George, Hannah, Mary Ann and Austin. The parents of Mrs. PARKER were William and Sarah (BICKNELL) OLIVER, both deceased.

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