Those unable to pay their Direct Taxes for 1816: Garland, Maine

Supplement to the Bangor Weekly Register July to August 1817

“Because of the cost of the War of 1812 (1812-1814) followed by the year without a summer 1815, many New Englanders went to Ohio for a better life. Some families remained in Maine but were unable to pay their taxes. The following is a list of the people in Garland, Maine who did not pay their taxes for 1816.”

David Colby Young
NameLandTax Amount
William Blaisdell90 acres, lot #5, 8th range0.52
Abraham Bond100 acres, lot #7, 8th range0.75
Joseph Carr160 acres, lot #7, 3rd range1.15
Enoch Clough183 acres, lot #9, 5th range1.50
Isaac Copeland72 acres, part of #11, 5th range0.72
John Finson88 acres, part of lot #7, 8th range0.62
Joseph Garland200 acres, part of lots #7, #8 & #11 in 7th & 11th range2.22
Amos Gordon260 acres, lot #9 in 6th range & part of two other lots #9 & #10 in 7th range2.15
Benjamin Gilpatrick66 acres, lot #11, 9th range0.65
Thomas Gilpatrick66 acres, part of lot #11, 9th range0.55
Moses Gordon100 acres, part of lot #10, 5th range0.77
William Gordon176 acres of land, lot #8, 5th range1.52
John S. Haskell83 acres, part of lot #11, 5th range0.92
John Hays165 acres, lot #10, 2nd range1.25
Wiggins Hill100 acres, part of #1 and #2, 7th range, also 20 acres of #4, 5th range1.38
John Jackman100 acres, part of #6, 9th range0.69
Enoch Jackman160 acres, lot #6, 9th range0.92
Theophilus Morgan170 acres, lot #9, 7th range1.20
James Parker50 acres, lot #8, 6th range0.35
Moses Saunders70 acres, north part of lot #4, 8th range0.61
John Saunders70 acres, south part of lot #6, 9th range0.49
Joseph Saunders140 acres, lot #4, 9th range1.03
Sampson Silver73 acres, part of lot #10, 5th range0.57
Joshua Silver79 acres, part of lot #11, 9th range0.55
Robert Seward60 acres, part of lot #1, 8th range0.42
Joseph Treadwell139 acres, part of lot #4, 7th range1.05
Thomas S. Tyler100 acres of land, lot #10, 7th range0.82
Trafton & Crowell160 acres, lot #3, 5th range1.27
Oliver Woodward144 acres, lot #4, 6th range0.99

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