Indian attack on Deerfield in 1704

Casualties of the Candlemas Day Massacre in York Maine

Charles Edwards Banks compiled a list of casualties for the 1692 Candlemas Day massacre in York Maine back in 1967 when he published his unfinished manuscript on the History of York, Maine. [1]He only finished 2 of the 3 volumes before he died. It is hoped that by making this list known we can improve or correct upon it, as it is short (16) against the claimed number of casualties (48). Banks qualifies the list by stating that it likely the remaining were young children whose names never appeared on the existing town records. But I think it’s also possible […]

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Map of the campaigns during King Williams war.

The 1692 Indian Massacre at York Maine

One of the greatest, if not the greatest tragedy of Colonial days in New England has never had its story written in detail. References to the 1692 Indian Massacre at York Maine, in the second Indian war, may be found in scattered contemporaneous records and in some general histories of that state, but they are either incomplete in detail, or give inadequate and incorrect reports of its actual horrors. The massacres at Deerfield, Mass., where about a score fell victims; at Salmon Falls, N. H., where about thirty were put to the knife and tomahawk, and at Schenectady, N. Y.,

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