Fifty-Sixth Pioneer-Infantry (First Maine Heavy Field Artillery) with the Army of Occupation in Germany New Year 1919

Company D, Fifty-Sixth Pioneer-Infantry

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Captain Garnett G. McFerran Commanding Officer

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1st Lt. Walter S. Cobb
1st Lt. Harley B. Cooper
2nd Lt. Joseph M. Hunt
2nd Lt. Martin H. McCullough
1st. Sgt. Arthur J. Boissonneau

Mess Sgt. Norman F. Lucas
Sgt. Clarence A. Ahlquist
Sgt. Joseph F. Lefebvre
Sgt. George W. W. Campbell
Sgt. Adolph Cattarious
Sgt. George A. Dodsworth

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Sgt. Augustus Gallant
Sgt. Frank Mrayinski
Sgt. Eugene Pouliot
Sgt. Odilon C. Roussin
Sgt. Peter A. Vovulis
Sgt. Charles E. Voyer
Sgt. Harry Gerard
Sup. Sgt. Paul H. Weir
Cpl. Maurice Beaumier
Cpl. Ludger St. Hilaire
Cpl. Rae A. Johnson
Cpl. Ernest Lane
Cpl. Cornelius O’Neal
Cpl. Louis St. Pierre
Cpl. Joseph P. Amend
Cpl. Charles Auer
Cpl. William C. Bursnall
Cpl. Charles L. Burton
Cpl. Charles A. Freedenburg
Cpl. Joseph W. Hawthorne
Cpl. Leroy Horn
Cpl. Oscar G. Kobsa
Cpl. Benjamin Lake
Cpl. John L. Mclsaac
Cpl. John L. Mueller
Cpl. Victor Olenchock
Cpl. Robert B. Pumphrey
Cpl. John Ristar
Cpl. Ralph W. Wake
Cpl. Robert E Delcamp
Cpl. August Gibber
Cpl. James W. Holder
Cpl. Michael F. Renner
Bugler Henry Harnois
Cook John H. Fox
Cook John W. Labbe
Cook John B. Rondeau
Cook Oscar T. Wilson
Mech. Wienfield R. Fernald
Pvt. 1st Cl. Alcide Drouin
Pvt. Edwin Noel
Pvt. Domenico Aceto
Pvt. Robert B. Andrews

Pvt. Gantie L. Adams
Pvt. Troy Arnett
Pvt. John M. Baker
Pvt. Nelson Baldwin
Pvt. John A. Barnes
Pvt. William H. Bayard
Pvt. Arthur H. Bissell
Pvt. Lee Blalock
Pvt. Cyrus E. Bomgardner
Pvt. Samuel L. Boyce
Pvt. Jay B. Britt
Pvt. Walter A. Brzeski
Pvt. Henry Bullard
Pvt. Ephraim Burch
Pvt. Frank Beasley
Pvt. David C. Butts
Pvt. Simeon A. Canady
Pvt. Martin L. Cagle
Pvt. Oscar Carlson
Pvt. John Carson
Pvt. Walter Q. Conrad
Pvt. Jesse C. Cockerham
Pvt. Robert J. Cox
Pvt. Samuel Cuningham
Pvt. William Dancey
Pvt. Rowland Davis
Pvt. Thomas D. Davis
Pvt. Henry Davis
Pvt. Dan Ditore
Pvt. Harry E. Donley
Pvt. Hugh Dougherty
Pvt. Almond J. Drake
Pvt. Joseph Duchaine
Pvt. Milon O. Emerson
Pvt. Antonio Escuedo
Pvt. Elmer Erickson
Pvt. Clayton Faulk
Pvt. John F. Featherstone
Pvt. Silas M. Fike
Pvt. Robert L. Fish
Pvt. Arthur A. Foust
Pvt. Frederick Fox
Pvt. Louis Franzini

Page 18

Pvt. Wodfrin G. Gaston
Pvt. John A. Gilbert
Pvt. Owen Goilbertson
Pvt. Peo D. Giovanni
Pvt. Ernest Glienke
Pvt. Hardin Goins
Pvt. Peter H. Grady
Pvt. William E. Graham
Pvt. Charley T. Grimes
Pvt. McKinley Grubb
Pvt. Patrick Guckian
Pvt. Aime Guertin
Pvt. Charles V. Hall
Pvt. Vernon Harrelson
Pvt. John D. Hammonds
Pvt. Clarence J. Harris
Pvt. Roy L. Hess
Pvt. John A. Hess
Pvt. George G. Hedgecock
Pvt. Wade L. Hicks
Pvt. Richard H. Higgins
Pvt. William Hilar
Pvt. Raymond G. Hinkel
Pvt. Bruce M. Hockenberry
Pvt. Jasper Holland
Pvt. Steve Homiak
Pvt. Simon S. Hoy
Pvt. Blaine Hutchinson
Pvt. James Imperial
Pvt. Stanley Jankowsky
Pvt. Frederick L. Jenkins
Pvt. Andrew E. Jakobson
Pvt. Arthur A. Jones
Pvt. James M. Jones
Pvt. Lawrence J. Johnson
Pvt. Rex P. Jones
Pvt. Benjamin J. Johnson
Pvt. Paul E. Keedy
Pvt. Rezin R. Kerr
Pvt. David M. Kerns
Pvt. Eugene O. King
Pvt. Witham A. Kinlaw
Pvt. Benj. N. Korocokiewicz

Pvt. Enoch Kozloskie
Pvt. Robert L. Lackey
Pvt. John C. Lambert
Pvt. Charley O. Lapping
Pvt. Itful G. Lemly
Pvt. Fuigi Leodori
Pvt. Napoleon Leconte, Jr.
Pvt. Gaither A. Lewis
Pvt. Rueben W. Lundquist
Pvt. Harry C. Lupfer
Pvt. Zallie E. Lynn
Pvt. Archie McAllister
Pvt. Oscar D. Mahala
Pvt. Jesse F. Mahone
Pvt. Leslie I. Mallonee
Pvt. Henry A. Matthews
Pvt. Robert T. May
Pvt. Ernest Matthews
Pvt. Francesco Messina
Pvt. George B. Miller
Pvt. Jessie Mishew
Pvt. Marcus A. Moore
Pvt. Thomas R. Monis
Pvt. Frank Morelli
Pvt. John C. Newman
Pvt. Ignazio Olivetti
Pvt. Claude M. Panter
Pvt. Kerney M. Peace
Pvt. Will Pennington
Pvt. Alonzo F. Phipps
Pvt. Thomas M. Powell
Pvt. Louis A. Prudhomme
Pvt. Harry W. Rhan
Pvt. Daniel A. Regan
Pvt. Guiseppe Rizzo
Pvt. John L. Roup
Pvt. Isham Rouse
Pvt. Aubrey C. Salmon
Pvt. Jesse S. Schiff
Pvt. Otto H. Schroeder
Pvt. William J. Schultz
Pvt. Gerald J. Shields
Pvt. Stephen J. Shurba

Page 19

Pvt. K. P. Smith
Pvt. T. S. Smith
Pvt. Alva M. Simmonds
Pvt. George W. Stephens
Pvt. Donald S. Stewart
Pvt. Elmer P. Swartz
Pvt. George W. Tapscott
Pvt. Paul R. Titus
Pvt. Richard E. Townsend
Pvt. Samuel Varano
Pvt. Taarsaal Vollen
Pvt. Emil J. Walla
Pvt. James H. Wall
Pvt. Charles A. Waldrop
Pvt. Christ Ware

Pvt. Leon P. Ward
Pvt. Herman W. Warner
Pvt. Walter C. Waugh
Pvt. Leo J. Welch
Pvt. Louis F. Welch
Pvt. Aaron F. Whyne
Pvt. Quince Wilson
Pvt. Luther E. Wikels
Pvt. Tate L. Williams
Pvt. Harry Wolter
Pvt. Paul L. Wood
Pvt. Cole Woody
Pvt. John Wozciechuski
Pvt. George William Yoders
Pvt. Marion Francis Yost

The publication is organized by unit. We have no additional information for the individuals listed and we are unable to correct errors and omissions in the publication. This information is provided in order to help you locate information regarding your ancestors. We cannot vouch for and make no claims regarding the authenticity of information presented.

Fifty-Sixth Pioneer-Infantry (First Maine Heavy Field Artillery) with the Army of Occupation in Germany New Year 1919

The Fifty-Sixth Pioneer Infantry was originally organized by Colonel Arthur T. Balentine as a regiment of Heavy Field Artillery in the National Guard of the State of Maine, under the name of The Milliken Regiment’. The regiment, which was strictly a volunteer organization, was organized in nineteen days, being completed July 25, 1917, under the title The First Maine Heavy Field Artillery Immediately after its organization, on August 20, 1917, by order of the War Department, Colonel Balentine formed from the personnel of the regiment the One Hundred And First Trench Mortar Battery. This was the first Trench Mortar Battery organized in the United States. It comprised one hundred and eighty-one men and two lieutenants under the command of Captain Roger A, Greene. They were assigned to the 26th Division and shortly afterwards sailed for France. At the same time one hundred men were transferred to the One Hundred And First Regiment Of Engineers of the same Division. After these transfers were made, and the physically unfit eliminated, there remained eight hundred men of the original command. Of these, two hundred were later commissioned as officers, or sent to Officers’ Training Schools.

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