Biography of Edward A. Mansfield

Edward A. Mansfield was for many years a leading business man of Jonesport, Washington County. Born in Portland, Maine, August 6, 1817, he was a son of Henry and Thankful (Bibber) Mansfield, who were respectively natives of Salem, Massachusetts, and Cumberland, Maine. In early life he was engaged in running a trading schooner. He first came to Jonesport in 1834. Here he met and on the first day of October, 1836, married Lois Sawyer. Thereupon he settled in Jonesport and engaged in trade. He was also interested in ship-building and repairing sailing craft. His energy and industry, coupled with his perseverance, brought him a large measure of success. In 1838 he built the house in which Mrs. Mansfield now lives. Thirty-three years after this house was opened by Mr. and Mrs. Mansfield as a hotel. Since then the Moosebec House has acquired a wide and well-merited popularity among persons who have frequented this region. Mr. Mansfield died here on November 27, 1894, having been in active business up to some seven or eight years previous to his death.

Mr. Mansfield accepted the religious views of the Latter Day Saints. He was a prominent Democrat in this district, serving his fellow-townsmen as Selectman, Town Treasurer, and in other offices. His wife, whose religious beliefs are identical with those held by him, had nine children. Of these, Daniel J., Levi E., Susan B., and Melissa A. are deceased. Those living are: Edward A., William F., Bion B., Charles H., and George F. Edward A. Mansfield is the well-known proprietor of the livery stable on Mansfield Street. His teams are to be found at the wharf on the arrival of every boat, whether from the East or the West. He gives special attention to providing convenient arrangements for commercial travelers and for the transportation of their baggage, and furnishes teams to the general public either with or without drivers. Bion B. Mansfield is a leading Jonesport merchant. Charles H. is in the furniture, carpet, and lumber trade here; and George F. is Deputy Collector of the port. William F. Mansfield carries on an extensive trade in general merchandise, using the stand where his father established business so many years ago as a warehouse. He was born in Jonesport on December to, 1845, and was educated in the town schools here. As was natural, he began working in and about his father’s store when a lad, gradually acquiring a thorough understanding of business. This prepared him for the successful management of his own business, which he started in 1867 in a small way. Since then he has gradually increased the scope of his operations until at the present time he carries a very large stock of general merchandise, and is one of the most prominent merchants in the town. He is also interested somewhat in the shipping and granite business. In 1876 he was married to Laura Foster, who was born in Centerville, Maine, daughter of Henry Foster. She has borne him three children; namely, Henry A., Levi E., and Irving J. He has held the office of Selectman and minor offices in the town, and fraternally is a member of Jonesport Lodge, No. 188, F. & A. M., and of the Knights Templar at Machias.

Source: Biographical review: containing life sketches of leading citizens of Somerset, Piscataquis, Hancock, Washington, and Aroostook counties, Maine. Boston: Biographical Review Publishing Company, 1898.

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  1. These are my relatives. My grandfather was Kenneth H. Mansfield, and his brother was William Mansfield. Their father died when they were young, and the family lore is that they grew up on Waterville where their mother took in washing. Their late father’s brother was a traveling dentist who supported the widow and her children financially. Can you help me find any information on them?

    I remember my grandmother taking me to the Jonesport cemetary when I was in college and explaining to me who everyone was (I grew up in Tennessee). I remember her mentioning an Uncle Bion. If I remember correctly, she said he was small in stature and liked to take a nap in his wife’s lap. There was a picture of him hanging in an old office, preserved for nostalgia, in building by the port. These are very old memories, and I could be incorrect. Any info you can share is much appreciated!

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