Biography of Ellis Young

Ellis Young, who is spending the closing years of his long and busy life on his pleasant homestead in Surry, Hancock County, was born in this town, August 9, 1820, son of Joseph Young. The paternal grandfather, Samuel Young, who came from Saco, Maine, to Surry when a young man, settled on the Neck, close to the shore. He took up a tract of wild land, which by means of incessant toil he converted into a good farm. Like his pioneer neighbors he built a log house, and there dwelt for the rest of his life, rearing his family and reaching a good old age.

Joseph Young was born in the old log cabin on the homestead which his father wrested from the wilderness. During his earlier years he was employed in coasting. Subsequently he turned his attention to farming, in which he was successfully engaged until his death at the venerable age of fourscore and four years. A man of sterling integrity, he became prominent in town affairs, and wielded an influence for good in the community. To him and his wife, whose maiden name was Margaret Edmunds, eight children were born, namely: Loring, now deceased; Ellis, the subject of this sketch; Samuel J., now a resident of Bangor, Maine; Henry J., Amelia, Cynthia S., Apphia S., and Sarah P., who are also deceased.

Ellis Young left the district school when a boy of fourteen to become a sailor. From that time until 1885, a full half-century, he followed the sea. At the age of eighteen, having become thoroughly familiar with the management of ships, he was made a captain, and thereafter sailed as master mariner. In his long experience he was unusually fortunate, the only vessel that he ever lost having been one on the Penobscot River. Since he retired from seafaring, he has managed a farm that he purchased while it was in its primitive condition, there being then neither highways nor clearings in the locality. The property is now wonderfully improved. Commodious and conveniently arranged structures have replaced the original buildings, which were destroyed by fire; while the residence is one of the best in the vicinity.

In politics Mr. Young has been a sound Democrat since 1844, when he cast his first Presidential vote for James K. Polk. Although he has never sought public office, he has served as Road Surveyor and School Agent. On May 25, 1845, he married Mary E., daughter of Philip N. and Jane H. (Moore) Kimball, and now has two children — Harry H. and Edna J. Harry H., the eldest child, now a resident of Surry, married Eleanor Jarvis, and has two children — Eva A. and Hallie. Edna J. is the wife of John Hooper, of New Hampshire, and has one son, Harry Hooper.

Source: Biographical review: containing life sketches of leading citizens of Somerset, Piscataquis, Hancock, Washington, and Aroostook counties, Maine. Boston: Biographical Review Publishing Company, 1898.

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