Fifty-Sixth Pioneer-Infantry (First Maine Heavy Field Artillery) with the Army of Occupation in Germany New Year 1919

Company H, Fifty-Sixth Pioneer-Infantry

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Capt. Emery O. Beane, Commanding Officer

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1st Lt. John J. Perry
1st Lt. Charles O. Shaw
1st Lt. Richard O. Conant
1st Sgt. Harvey C. Patterson
Mess Sgt. Earl H. Cummings
Sup. Sgt. Walter L. Stevens
Sgt. Merton E. Leech
Sgt. Elmer J. Bragg
Sgt. Harold P. Simpson
Sgt. Vinton A. Hussey
Sgt. Carl L. Libby
Sgt. Clarence S. Nichols
Sgt. George H. Freeman
Sgt. Max D. Sylvester
Sgt. Ryan T. Jackson
Sgt. John G. Wimbish
Cpl. James E. Tibbetts, jr.
Cpl. Leonard Bouchard
Cpl. Sebastian A. Bushey
Cpl. John A. Costello
Cpl. James A. Cronin
Cpl. Adolph T. Hartman
Cpl. Edward H. Julien
Cpl. Edward Martin
Cpl. Peter A. McGovern
Cpl. James T. Wescott
Cpl. Vern A. Doll
Cpl. Joseph P. Kozelsky
Cpl. Leon E. Mitchell
Cpl. George J. Martin
Cpl. John E. Moberg
Cpl. Albert L. Olson
Cpl. Elmore N. Peterson
Cpl. Charles E. Ripple
Cpl. Charles E. Simmons
Cpl. Grover T. Thiry
Cpl. Fred G. Bostian
Cpl. George A. Cummings
Cpl. Edward Fleming
Cpl. Walter G. Stanton

2nd Lt. John W. Losee
2nd Lt. Joseph A. Flaherty

Cpl. Claire Storer
Cpl. Willie M. Terry
Bglr. Walter Oleski
Cook Emile Bouchard
Cook Roy W. Dorr
Cook William H. Hayes
Cook Peter P. Sands
Mech. Earnest H. Alexander
Mech. Andrew L. Burns
Mech. Richard M. Hines
Mech. Charles S. Williams
1st Cl. Pvt. Marvin L. Attig
1st Cl. Pvt. Griffin Ambrose
1st Cl. Pvt. Maurice O. Anderson
1st Cl. Pvt. William B. Adcock
1st Cl. Pvt. Edward R. Broom
1st Cl. Pvt. Hugo Bratagar
1st Cl. Pvt. Calvin W. Burger
1st Cl. Pvt. Irving R. Caldwell
1st Cl. Pvt. Jesse B. Carrol
1st Cl. Pvt. Earl B. Crane
1st Cl. Pvt. Edward M. Crawford
1st Cl. Pvt. William I. Crouse
1st Cl. Pvt. Moss A. Connelly
1st Cl. Pvt. Oscar Ditmanson
1st Cl. Pvt. Amos Dressler
1st Cl. Pvt. Fred M. Daneiko
1st Cl. Pvt. James P. Edison
1st Cl. Pvt. Carl Robert Heider
1st Cl. Pvt. Theodore R. Harley
1st Cl. Pvt. Ralph P. Kelly
1st Cl. Pvt. Charles Lynch
1st Cl. Pvt. Harry D. Miller
1st Cl. Pvt. Hugh Owens
1st Cl. Pvt. William Phillips
1st Cl. Pvt. Ruel O. Proper
1st Cl. Pvt. Leon L. Roth

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1st Cl. Pvt. Harry Reil
1st Cl. Pvt. Frank L. Schad
1st Cl. Pvt. Fred F. Seaton
1st Cl. Pvt. Joseph F. Snitzka
1st Cl. Pvt. Forrest C. Snow
1st Cl. Pvt. Elmer Thompson
Pvt. Andrew Adams
Pvt. Benton Adams
Pvt. Carl E. Anderegg
Pvt. Edward Anderson
Pvt. Claude W. Anderson
Pvt. Carl A. Aridcrson
Pvt. Julius J. Anderson
Pvt. Peter Andrones
Pvt. Glenn Babcock
Pvt. Lewis E. Bair
Pvt. David Blootnquist
Pvt. Charley F. Boahn
Pvt. Elmer J. Bradley
Pvt. Joseph A. Brawley
Pvt. Ernest U. Brice
Pvt. George C. Burk
Pvt. Harry S. Buckingham
Pvt. Jesse J. Bullock
Pvt. Claud R. Barrett
Pvt. Quince F. Bash
Pvt. Alonzo Bates
Pvt. Vernon W. Baumgardner
Pvt. Walter W. Benge
Pvt. Walter A. Benson
Pvt. Roy L. Berkebile
Pvt. John B. Black
Pvt. Ezell H. Branham
Pvt. Daniel A. Brown
Pvt. John F. Burns
Pvt. Carmelo Cadili
Pvt. Vincenzo Cascina
Pvt. Prosper C. Aterone
Pvt. William V. Christian
Pvt. Frank Cristofare
Pvt. Dennis Collins, Jr.
Pvt. Joseph N. Conboy
Pvt. Stephen W. Conrad

Pvt. Christopher E. Core
Pvt. Gus Cheronis
Pvt. William E. Davis
Pvt. Scott D. Dawkins
Pvt. Filippo Degregoria
Pvt. Thomas Duniord
Pvt. Roy E. Dunham
Pvt. Eli English
Pvt. Henry C. Eppley
Pvt. Gilbert McK. Eikenburg
Pvt. Roy H. Everett
Pvt. William R. Franklin
Pvt. Robert R. Evans
Pvt. Benjamin F. Gallagher
Pvt. Nick Gastos
Pvt. Frank R. Gates
Pvt. Emanuel I. Greenberg
Pvt. Stanley F. Gumerlock
Pvt. Sam B. Goodan
Pvt. Sam Gorgone
Pvt. William H. Gottwald
Pvt. Ambrose Harbaugh
Pvt. William R. Hatt
Pvt. Marion B. Harvey
Pvt. Jack Hayken
Pvt. Harry H. Henderson
Pvt. Robert W. Hennell
Pvt. Carl E. Hjelm
Pvt. Jacob J. Hoag
Pvt. Albin E. Hultberg
Pvt. Leo P. Illig
Pvt. Anicetus J. Illig
Pvt. Ruben Jones
Pvt. Charles S. Jordan
Pvt. Isaac P. Judon
Pvt. Leo M. Kelley
Pvt. William C. Kennedy
Pvt. Joseph J. Kline
Pvt. John C. Koepp
Pvt. Guy D. Knapp
Pvt. Frank W. Kondziella
Pvt. Albert E. Johnson
Pvt. Louis Lampropohis

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Pvt. Ralph B. Lauer
Pvt. Clair Lawhead
Pvt. Arthur E Leaf
Pvt. Samuel E. Ligon
Pvt. Foy S. Liningston
Pvt. John T. Lydick
Pvt. Vernon L. Mack
Pvt. John R. Mahaffy
Pvt. Clarence J. Makin
Pvt. Ralph Makin
Pvt. Jacob E. Marsh
Pvt. William E. Marsh
Pvt. Antonio Mastroenni
Pvt. John McCune
Pvt. jgrnes T. McDonald
Pvt. Charles McKeirnan
Pvt. Frank E. McWilliams
Pvt. Vincent J. Miller
Pvt. Lonnie M. Monroe
Pvt. August T. Nelson
Pvt. Frank R. Neilson
Pvt. Joseph Nobelspice
Pvt. Norman H. Nystrom
Pvt. Augustine J. Nealen
Pvt. Elmer Carl Olson
Pvt. Rocco Papalia
Pvt. Ronald L. Peacock
Pvt. Ben L. Peeples
Pvt. William F. Penalogan
Pvt. Stephen S. Pohl
Pvt. Arthus F. Panzer
Pvt. Joseph Plaza
Pvt. Floyd R. Potvin
Pvt. Alfonso Rinella
Pvt. John L. Robbins
Pvt. William Y. Russell
Pvt. Solomon C. Ready
Pvt. William B. Rice
Pvt. Joseph Rabinowitz
Pvt. Blanchard B. Reeb
Pvt. Oscar J. Reich
Pvt. Aurelien Robitalle

Pvt. Charles Rodden
Pvt. David Roder
Pvt. Carleton H. Sallade
Pvt. Harry E. Sawmiller
Pvt. Feliciano Scalyo
Pvt. Eugene E. Schlueb
Pvt. Arthur C. Shoonover
Pvt. Peter Schultz
Pvt. John W. Shaffer
Pvt. Oscar F. Sherman
Pvt. Forrest E. Shick
Pvt. William E. Shonts
Pvt. Aloysius Springer
Pvt. Ray T. Stoody
Pvt. Theodore R. Stump
Pvt. Bert J. Strohmer
Pvt. John Sobel
Pvt. William N. Swanson
Pvt. Maurice Schweitzer
Pvt. Lawton H. Still
Pvt. Roy B. Thomas
Pvt. Wladyslaw Towalsky
Pvt. Earl R. Towers
Pvt. Walter W. Thorton
Pvt. Hugo A. Tessman
Pvt. John Trelek
Pvt. Fred E. Tunberg
Pvt. Samuel Vance
Pvt. Rassie E. Wicker
Pvt. Marion Wise
Pvt. Harry G. Walker
Pvt. Conwell Ward
Pvt. George W. Wargo
Pvt. Harry C. Wilt
Pvt. Christopher C. Williams
Pvt. Charles S. Sineka
Pvt. John T. Wood
Pvt. Alex Yukoski
Pvt. Harry W. Ellis
Pvt. Fred F. Parrish
Bglr. Harry Rollinson

The publication is organized by unit. We have no additional information for the individuals listed and we are unable to correct errors and omissions in the publication. This information is provided in order to help you locate information regarding your ancestors. We cannot vouch for and make no claims regarding the authenticity of information presented.

Fifty-Sixth Pioneer-Infantry (First Maine Heavy Field Artillery) with the Army of Occupation in Germany New Year 1919

The Fifty-Sixth Pioneer Infantry was originally organized by Colonel Arthur T. Balentine as a regiment of Heavy Field Artillery in the National Guard of the State of Maine, under the name of The Milliken Regiment’. The regiment, which was strictly a volunteer organization, was organized in nineteen days, being completed July 25, 1917, under the title The First Maine Heavy Field Artillery Immediately after its organization, on August 20, 1917, by order of the War Department, Colonel Balentine formed from the personnel of the regiment the One Hundred And First Trench Mortar Battery. This was the first Trench Mortar Battery organized in the United States. It comprised one hundred and eighty-one men and two lieutenants under the command of Captain Roger A, Greene. They were assigned to the 26th Division and shortly afterwards sailed for France. At the same time one hundred men were transferred to the One Hundred And First Regiment Of Engineers of the same Division. After these transfers were made, and the physically unfit eliminated, there remained eight hundred men of the original command. Of these, two hundred were later commissioned as officers, or sent to Officers’ Training Schools.

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