Biography of Hon. Albert M. Nash

Hon. Albert M. Nash, who was formerly State Senator from Washington County and a merchant of Harrington, was born in this town on the fifteenth day of April, 1833, son of Stillman W. and Melissa W. Nash. The grandfather, Uriah Nash, who built the first mill, was engaged in farming, and with his half-brother, Isaiah Nash, was one of the first two settlers in Harrington. He died here at an advanced age.

Stillman Nash, born here on May 31, 1809, died on May 22, 1880. He was interested in various enterprises, including ship-building, tanning, and the manufacture of boots and shoes, and was very successful. A great impetus to the industrial life of the town was given by him, and many of Harrington’s young men in his time owe to him their start in life. During his life he served in many town offices, and he was the second Postmaster of the place. A devoted member of the Baptist church, his daily life and practice were those of a consistent Christian. In early life a Whig, he later became a Republican. His wife, born at Columbia, this State, on May 15, 1811, died on October 30, 1876. She was a daughter of Joseph and Lydia (Noonan) Nash, of Columbia. Her children were: Albert M., the subject of this biography; Irene L., born January 12, 1835; Rebecca E., born June 31, 1837, who died February 28, 1839; Frederick S., born February 28, 1840, who died April 13, 1840; Mary L., born August 23, 1841, who died January 17, 1849; Elijah H., born September 17, 1843, who died October 15, 1866; Elizabeth C., born August 22, 1845; Stillman E., born July 17, 1847, who died August 28, 1872; and Annie E., born March 17, 1855, who died May 6, 1883, Elizabeth C. is the wife of Captain Russell Glover, who has been for thirty years in the United States revenue marine service, and is now superintendent of the same, being located at Baltimore. Annie E. married Charles A. Coffin on June 7, 1880, and was the mother of one child, Alice F., who, born in 1881. died in 1884.

Albert M. Nash grew to manhood in his native town, receiving his education in its schools and at academies in East Machias and Cherryfield. A mercantile business here, started by him before the Civil War, proved so successful that he continued it down to 1891. In connection with his father be was also interested in ship-building until the death of the latter, and he subsequently carried it On alone until 1891. During these years he built some of the largest vessels ever launched in this section of the State. On April 15, 1863, he was first married to Martha H. Glover, of Calais, who died on January 17, 1870. A second marriage on Christmas Day, 1876, wedded him to Emily C. Moore, of St. Stephen, New Brunswick. By the first union there were three children – Mary C., Grace P., and Elijah Hamlin. Mary C., who was born on October 29, 1864, is now the wife of Dr. Fred Nickels, of Cherryfield, and has two children – Martha Glover and Albert Nash Nickels. Grace P., born on September 26, 1867, is now a kindergarten teacher at Providence, Rhode Island. The son, Elijah Hamlin Nash, born on March 20, 1869, resides in the State of Washington, and is County Clerk of the county in which he lives. On February 16, 1896, he married Deborah Kelley, of San Juan Island, who was born February 3, 1877. They have two children: Albert M., born October 16, 1896; and E. Hamlin, born April 2, 1898. By his second wife Albert M. Nash, Sr., has one daughter, Melissa W., who was born October 20, 1878.

One of the most energetic and progressive men in Harrington, Mr. Nash has taken an active part in town affairs. For a number of years he held the office of Selectman, and he has also been Town Treasurer. In 1877-78 he occupied a seat in the State Senate. Although believing in the spirit of Christianity and a generous supporter of the Baptist church in this place, he is not connected with any religious society. The new building of the Baptist society here probably could not have been erected without his liberal contribution. Mrs. Nash is an Episcopalian. Fraternally, Mr. Nash is a member of Dirigo Lodge, F. & A. M., at Cherryfield; and also of the Masonic chapter at that place. In politics he has been a Republican since the formation of that party.

Source: Biographical review: containing life sketches of leading citizens of Somerset, Piscataquis, Hancock, Washington, and Aroostook counties, Maine. Boston: Biographical Review Publishing Company, 1898.

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