Kittery Men & Women in World War II

One of the “yearbooks” published after the end of World War II was titled “Kittery Men & Women in World War II.” These yearbooks contain a roster of the known participants from the county who served in the war, along with brief biographical sketches and photographs of the soldiers, when available. However, as the authors of these publications acknowledge, not everyone was always included in these publications. This book is free to search, read and/or download.

Between these covers lies the heart, of Kittery. Here is that generation which covered the world at the request of a government which fated aggression against itself and against the essential rights of human beings. In addition to those listed here there were hundreds more who labored to supply the tools with which these service people achieved success. The one lacking the other would have been helpless. Thus has Kittery done, as she has always done since the first fishermen came to Brave Boat Harbor.

Every effort was made to have the recorded facts correct and accurately spelled. In many cases it was necessary to place entire dependence upon handwriting that was not easy to read, or spelling via telephone. It will be noted that the tone of the pictures varies considerably. This is, to a large extent, caused by the fact that the available photographs ran all the way from those specially made for reproduction to snapshots not very well focused. The two photo-engravers – John Marshall of the Portland Engraving Company and Byron Page of Dover, N. H. – have done their expert best with the material at hand.

Thus is completed a work that began soon after Pearl Harbor. It presents, for the first time, a permanent record, with pictures, of what the sons and daughters of Maine’s first town have done in any war. Many towns did less; very few have done more; none are prouder of the heritage thus given to coming generations.


It is noted that on the page head’d by Joseph A. Langton (image 28) the biography of his brother John has been placed beside the picture of Robert Hatton; and the paragraph for the latter has been given to John. If that confuses you, just take the pictures of John and Robert and interchange them.

There is no index to this book and the listings are not in alphabetical order. Use the search functionality… click on the hourglass to the left of the book.

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Surnames of Soldiers:

Abbott, Abrams, Adams, Allen, Amee, Anderson, Andrews, Armsden, Baisley, Ball, Barker, Batchelder, Bate, Batson, Baum, Beaudry, Bedell, Bergeron, Berry, Bilbruck, Billings, Bishop, Bitomski, Black, Blake, Blanc, Blaney, Blethroade, Bold, Bonderson, Bonin, Borden, Borgkvist, Bouffard, Bowden, Bowie, Boyer, Bragdon, Brake, Breton, Bridges, Brooks, Brown, Buckinham, Buffington, Burke, Burns, Burton, Burtt, Button, Cannell, Cannon, Carpenter, Casella, Caswell, Cerini, Champagne, Chandler, Chapman, Chase, Chick, Clancy, Clark, Clough, Cobb, Coffin, Colby, Colcord, Cole, Coleman, Conley, Cook, Cote, Cotes, Coyle, Craig, Cressey, Crymble, Cunningham, Curran, Curtis, Cutts, d’Entremont, Dahlberg, Dalzell, Dame, DeFelice, DeCoff, DeMarco, Dennett, DesJardins, Deyo, Dickinson, Disilvestro, Dodge, Dolan, Donnell, Doucette, Doughty, Dow, Downey, Draper, Drusendahl, Durgin, Eaton, Edwards, Elmo, Emery, Emmons, Estes, Everson, Farr, Farrington, Fellows, Fildes, Fisher, Fisk, Fletcher, Foote, Ford, Foss, Foye, Franklin, Franz, French, Galle, Galpin, Gardiner, Garnett, Gekas, Genna, Gerry, Giaimo, Gile, Goodale, Goodwin, Goss, Gosselin, Grace, Greene, Grogan, Guay, Gunnison, Hackney, Haley, Hall, Hammarberg, Hannigan, Hanscom, Hanson, Hardy, Harlow, Harmon, Harris, Harvey, Hatton, Hayes, Heeney, Henderson, Hendrickson, Hennessey, Higgins, Hill, Hilton, Hodgdon, Holt, Hosmer, Howard, Howells, Hoyt, Hubbard, Huff, Hughes, Hurley, Hutchins, Irwin, Jenkins, Johndrow, Johnson, Kagiliery, Kalix, Kelley, Kennedy, Kenney, Kiehl, Kimball, Kinne, Kirby, Knudson, Kozlowski, Kraft, Kyrios, Lacourse, Lander, Langton, LaPierre, LaRochelle, Larrabee, LaVigne, Leach, Learnard, Lechner, Leggett, Leighton, Lemont, Lewis, Linehart, Linscott, Litchfield, Littlefield, Locke, Lomas, Long, Lorenz, Lovejoy, Lutts, Lynds, Lytle, Maby, MacDonald, Main, Manson, Manuel, Marston, Martel, Martin, Mason, Maxfield, McAfee, McCauley, McCausland, McCaw, McInnes, McLean, Mead, Melhorn, Mellen, Meserve, Metrolis, Milkowski, Miller, Milliken, Mitchell, Molleur, Montgomery, Moore, Morgan, Morrison, Morrow, Morse, Moulton, Muchemore, Mulroy, Nau, Nelson, Newson, Nickerson, Niles, Norton, Noyes, O’Brien, Olsen, Orr, Orvis, Oswell, Ouimet, Page, Paradis, Parady, Parnham, Partridge, Paterson, Payne, Pennington, Perkins, Perry, Peschel, Pettigrew, Philbrick, Phillips, Piche, Picott, Pierce, Plaisted, Potter, Prince, Pruett, Pruitt, Rain, Rainwater, Ray, Rayner, Raynes, Redman, Rehm, Remick, Rhodes, Ricker, Riggs, Riles, Riley, Roark, Robbins, Roberge, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Rodier, Rolland, Rollins, Rostron, Rowe, Sanders, Sawyer, Seavey, Seaward, Seward, Shaw, Shelton, Short, Sillsby, Skeba, Smart, Smith, Snodgrass, Spies, Spinney, Sprague, Staples, Stedman, Sterling, Stewart, Storer, Strong, Strout, Swain, Sweeney, Symonds, Tarling, Teasdale, Teifert, Thompson, Thorner, Tibbetts, Tobey, Towle, Trask, True, Tuttle, Uhrig, Ursey, Varney, Varotsis, Verrier, Vrooman, Wade, Waldron, Walker, Walsh, Ware, Watts, Weaver, Webber, Weeks, Wentworth, Whalin, Wheal, Whitman, Whitney, Willette, Williams, Wilson, Witham, Wood, Woodworth, Wright, Wurm, Wyman, and Younger.

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Mitchell, Jeannette Gordon, Kittery Men & Women in World War II, Kittery, Maine : The Kittery Press, 1947.

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